Create online classes in days, not months.

Create Training

Use our built-in, cloud-based course authoring tool to create highly interactive courses. Upload your existing videos, slide decks, PDFs and more. Import SCORM files. Or, pull in one of the 7,000 pre-built courses from our integrated libraries.

Assign Learners

Add learners to your system through Single Sign On (SSO), batch import, via a registration link or manually. Create and attach learners to users groups automatically or manually. Then, leverage these groups to automatically assign or recommend courses, invite to scheduled virtual classroom meetings or offline events, add to learning paths and much more!



Track and Report

Track your learner's progress, even their micro interactions with course content. Then, build custom reports on virtually any data in your system, from learner progress to course sales. Sort, filter, group, auto calculate, export to Excel and more. Create KPI dashboards. And much more!

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